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Payment by card on your Website, mobile App and CRM was never so easy

The immediate benefit of using the Bankstore system in your business is serving the client quickly, accepting the purchases without the need to enter their bank details in each operation. This method is ideal for On Demand Videos, subscriptions, purchase of redeemable points, and loyalty of clients in your shop, etc.

Purchases in a single Click

Through the shared knowledge of keys between the business and PAYTPV, the client purchase experience can lead to purchases in a single click. This involves only having to enter their bank information once, and afterwards confirming their purchases in a faster way.

Three types of integration

IFRAME Fullscreen One Click payments

We have free modules for the following environments:

Integration through IFRAME or Fullscreen

Integration through IFRAME or Fullscreen

Fast integration

The card capture form is loaded in an IFRAME or fullscreen with the look&feel that you wish. Being a PAYTPV form, installation is extremely simple, 100% integrated with the experience of the user. If you decide on the fullscreen integration, you will have all the advantages of showing the PAYTPV secure environment, forgetting about the composition of the payment experience.

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100% Personalisable

We provide you with a template so that you can personalise the appearance of your whole website, images, JavaScript, CSS, etc.


Your form does not capture any card information. Everything is carried out on PAYTPV under the PCI-DSS Level 1 umbrella.

Simple Expansion

For the use of alternate forms of payment, this integration is transparent in the installation.

Fast integration

The record is 2 hours. Can you beat it?.

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JET integration (Javascript Encryption Technology)

JET integration (Javascript Encryption Technology)

Total control of the payment process

Through encryption on the client’s browser with 4096 bit keys, PAYTPV receives the card without passing through your business. The form is on the website where it is perfectly integrated with the OneStepCheckout shopping card and mobile applications based on Frameworks such as Cordova, Appcelerator, etc...

Maximum integration

This allows more complex logic within the payment experience. The client receives the responses without closing the shopping cart!

Security in the method

The information on the client’s browser is encrypted with 4096 bit keys and travels using the TLSv1.2 protocol, complying with standards.


It is obligatory for a business to integrate an SSL certificate to guarantee the security of information.

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API for recurring payments

Whether you have recorded the card by JET or IFRAME/FULLSCREEN the rest of the payments can be made by XML. It is perfect for recurring purchases, subscriptions, deferred payments, expansions of coverage, OneClick payments, invoice payments and countless possibilities which will allow payments to be controlled from any environment.

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SOAP/XML communication

Using a standard in communications, the system is integrated in all environments.

API's available

We have API's for PHP, Java, ASP.NET and C#. Integrable in record time.


This method is compatible with ALL services that we offer: Web, IVR, App's...

Perfect for mobile App's

You can integrate OneClick payments in your mobile applications for iOS and Android.

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All BankStores include:

The Scoring systems of PAYTPV allow the management of over 60 available parameters for fighting against fraud in your business. Even if you have your own Scoring system you can add it to the transaction parameters of PAYTPV.

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