Terminals with PIN-PAD for presential business

Do you manage a presential business?

The idea payment method for physical businesses

With the application of online management you can check and manage the sales and refunds of all of your terminals on a single panel. If you have several shops this is the ideal solution for overall control of shops and salespeople.

Manage limitations by salesperson

New employees? Through the management of salespeople you will be able to grant or revoke authorisations in the POS configuration. Some may pay with limits of €100 and others with limits of €20. Some may make refunds while others cannot, etc. It is a comprehensive management system for salespeople where audits can be carried out to check the efficiency of the personnel.

Free terminals

The terminals installed by PAYTPV are free. This directly results in profit for the business as it allows operations that the financial entities do not offer, such as routing based on the issuing Bank, centralised management of all terminals from a single panel, management of the commercial and virtual business on the same platform, and real time notification of the physical transactions by the same channel as the online transactions.

Option of signature custody

For Cards which require a Signature, the Cardholder has to sign on the Touch Screen of the Pin-Pad device. This is recorded on the Pin-Pad and later sent to PAYTPV for storage and custody. In the case of a claim from the Cardholder of the Card used, the Bank used by the Client will require the verification of the transaction carried out. The process that we recommend is that the client leads the reclamation process. For this we offer the option of having access to the web service for searches and printouts of transactions for claims, or having support for any query related with the search for a transaction/verification.

PinPad presential POS payment
A panel to beat all the rest

Take the presential business to the next level

PinPad presential POS payment
Operations in real time
Receive the operations from the terminal son your control panel.
Comparative reports
Create reports to compare the sales in different environments.
Review of issuing entities
Know your clients by their Banks, thus optimising processing costs.
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