IVR payment service for Call Centres

A fraud-free system

IVR for saving cards

The IVR system (Interactive Voice Response) is a PCI-DSS Level 1 service for helping Call Centres comply with the card saving regulation. The agent receives the call and when the client is going to enter their card information they do so in a PAYTPV environment without the agent hearing the card information.

Save and store card information

If the contracted service is recurring: subscriptions, payment of invoices, contracting of services, etc., you can store (tokenise) the credit/debit cards of your clients for future calls or make them compatible with your website and App. This service is compatible with:

Reduce fraud

As the agent does not hear the card information, there is no internal fraud from card theft.

Improve the experience

If the card is stored for future purchases, it will not have to be requested the next time.

Easy integration

The call travels through a VPN with PAYTPV. The control panel may be yours our ours.


Whether it is for your business or you provide services to others, the IVR service is multibusiness/multimerchant.

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Frequently asked questions

How does my Call Centre connect?
The call reaches your switchboard and an extension is defined for the PAYTPV payment service. This launches a call by SIP or H.323 (RFC 2833) protocol, routing to a VPN (IPSec LAN-to-LAN) which travels across the internet to PAYTPV.
How does the agent create a payment request?
The agent accesses our IVR sales control panel or creates a payment request by XML from your CRM. This travels encrypted across the internet and once it is created the agent can send the call to PAYTPV.
What codecs support the system?
G.729, G.711, G.722 and GSM among others. It is necessary to define the priority of the codecs to be used prior to the launch of the integration project.
Are there any installation requirements?
The clients of the Call Centre or in their absence the systems that communicate with the IVR Gateway must have the capacity for reaching the CAC (Call Admission Control) level on the extensions defined in the IVR of PAYTPV. There must also be IP connectivity from the voice gateways (or equivalent) with the IP addresses of PAYTPV.
Is the capture by tones or by voice?
From our experience, the telephone system should have the capacity for transmitting DTMF tones through the established SIP or H.323 backbone (RFC 2833). The voice recognition system is less precise.
How do we know the result of the transaction?
Once the transaction has been carried out, we send you the return call along with a synchronous notification of the result of the operation (whether it has been satisfactory or not). In this way we can even sent the associated card storage information for future purchases.
When it finishes can logics be defined?
Yes, the call can hang up in case of success or error, can return to the same agent in case of success or error and can even redirect to a pool of agents if you wish to release the original agent.
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