POS for MOTO telephone sales

Everything you are looking for to sell by telephone

The perfect product for Call Centres and telephone services

If your company is a Call Centre or a telephone service company, PAYTPV is the ideal solution. You will be able to create and manage users of telephone sales, as well as manage authorisations and restrictions. Optimise your telephone sales with a fast, easy, effective and above all extremely versatile system. A multiuser platform for efficient management.

Manage telephone salespeople and adapt it to your needs

The PAYTPV management platform allows the creation, editing and removal of salespeople. Likewise, you will have full control of the authorisations of each one. You will be able to revoke refund authorisations, allow access to supports and even limit the amounts of operations.

POS for MOTO telephone sales
Full control of sales

Securely facilitate the management of agents!

Full control of sales
Manage your authorisations
For paying for one or several products, the possibility of refunds, by amounts, etc.
Payment by email and SMS
Manage the multilingual staff. 3D Secure commerce will be possible.
Recovery of shopping carts
The perfect tool for recovering abandoned shopping carts.
Generation of reports
Easily take statistics from the best agents from the panel.
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