Payment gateway Advanced PCI-DSS Level 1

"OneClick" payments on your website/mobile app

Improve your sales

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360° payments Virtual and Presential

A single Gateway for all environments

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Anti-fraud Service Premium

Methodology for Scoring, Dynamic, 3D Secure and Machine Learning

Insure your sales without losing conversion

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Empieza a rentabilizar tu negocio optimizando el proceso de cobro

PAYTPV te ofrece todas las soluciones de cobro por tarjeta de crédito y débito para tu negocio. Desde gasolineras, comercio electrónico, peajes, Call centers, parkings y grandes superficies hasta páginas web de venta al por menor, gabinetes de profesionales y telerecarga.

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PAYTPV PCI-DSS Level 1 certified payment gateway

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360° payment gateway

Integrated payments in all environments

Whatever the environment, we have a solution to meet your needs. Presential payment, virtual payment gateway, eCommerce, mobile applications, SmartTV, telephone sales, IVR, subscriptions, integration with CRM's and ERP's and even a proxy service for booking engines such as Booking. Are you paying by card? We have the solution.

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Anti-fraud Scoring

Configure the variables of your business in real time so we can determine the level of fraud in each transaction.


So that there are no lapses in service, we work among processing networks based on their availability. Don’t miss a single sale.

100% Integrated

In all of our integrations, payment experience is visibly 100% integrated.

Saving of cards

Allow your clients to save their card for future purchases and improve the conversión ratio.

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Extremely easy to integrate

Extremely easy to integrate
Full SDK
API's for integration on different platforms
Integrable on CRM's and ERP's
For example: SAP, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, OpenERP...
Personalised support
Our team is available 24/7/365
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